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Articles & Commentaries


Somaliland Legal System

Judge Abdishakur Ali Mohumed (2014) The Principle of Judicial Independence and Somaliland Courts -28/12/2014.

Xasan Faarax Maxamad (2012) Sharci Ku Dhaqida, Sharci-Yaqaanada: Falan-qeynta Sharci ee Xeerka Qareenada Xeer Lr/30 2004

Xasan Faarax Maxamad (2010) Baahiyaadka Waaxda Garsoorka

Mediation, Arbitration & Conflict Resolution

Adam Haji Ali Ahmed (2010) Politics of Transitional Justice Mechanisms from Below:  The Case of Somaliland, Peace & Conflict Monitor 04 July 2010 (University of Peace):  “This paper will discuss how the design and discourse of  transitional justice mechanisms- which include and take into account the views  and needs of civil society and affected communities- boost the legitimacy of the  transitional process and the prospects for reconciliation. This process could be  described as the politics of transitional justice mechanisms from below. The  paper will focus on the Somaliland situation as a case study. The paper will  explain both the Somaliland alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism and  transitional justice as well as analyze in detail how the indigenous ADR  mechanism has been used as tool for political transitional justice during the  reconciliation period. Lessons learned from the Somaliland reconciliation  process will be briefly explained and some critiques and pitfalls of  transitional justice in Somaliland will be raised. Finally, the paper will  conclude with some recommendations and observations about the usefulness of the  traditional and indigenous ADR systems as reference examples for political  transitional justice in similar situations around the world.”

Constitutional Law

Mohamad Farah Hersi (2010) An Institutional Analysis on the Constitutional court of Somaliland

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2007) The Somaliland Constitution: Experience To date and Future Developments (A discussion paper)

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2006) The Sheikh Concordat: Settling Constitutional Disputes in the Somaliland way?

 Ruth Gordon (1999 ) “Growing Constitutions” 1 U. PA. J. CONST. L. 528

Criminal Law

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2012) Piracy and the Inadequacy of old Somaliland laws

Legal System

 Federico Battera (2004) “State and democracy building in sub Saharan Africa: The case of Somaliland -  a comparative perspective”,  Global Jurist Topics, Vol.4, No.1, Article 1.

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2003) Somaliland Supreme Court and the Presidential Election

Somaliland Academy for Peace & Development 2002: The Judicial System in Somaliland - Report of a Workshop.

Local Government Law

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2008) Somaliland Local Government Re-organisation through Presidential Decrees in an Election Year

Media Law

 Cabdishakuur Cali Muxumed (Good Lawyer) (2014) Faalo: Xeerka Saxaafadda, Xeerka Ciqaabta Guud iyo Dacwaddaha Saxaafadda ( Article: Comments on the Press Law, the Penal Code and Court Cases against the Press - 26/04/2014)

 Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2007)  Using Insult Laws is an Insult to the Somaliland Media and Public – the detention and trial of Haatuf Journalists  

Electoral Laws

Xasan Faarax Maxamad (2012) Saamiga Kuraaseed ee La Siiyo Dumarka iyo Dadka Laga Tirada Badan Yahey Ma Waafaqsan Tahey Dastuurka?

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2012)   Somaliland Reserved Seats Bill 2012: Parliament has a second chance that it cannot miss

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2007) Commentary on the Presidential & Local Election Election Law (Amendement) Bill (This article covered, among other things the proposal for local councils’ reserved seats for women and excluded minority communities) 

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2000) Article on the 2000 Somaliland Political Parties Law

 Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2000)     Article on the Somaliland Election Bill 2000

 Public Order Law          

 Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2004) Public Order Law in Somaliland: Learning the lessons of Democracy

Other (Pardon & Amnesty)

Ibrahim Hashi Jama (2007) The delayed release of QARAN leaders



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