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Somaliland Government


This page covers laws and regulations relating to the structure and powers of various Ministries, Agencies and other national public bodies which are not covered under specific subject areas.

 For an overview the Structure of the Somaliland Government and avenues for challenges to the exercise of governmental  powers - see Somaliland Administrative Law  page.

The main Law that now deals with the organisation of the Central Governement as well as governmental public bodies and agencies (and not local authorities) is the  Law on the Delineation of the Organisation of the Government and of the Independent Public Bodies  - Law No. 71/2015 (in Somali, Xeerka kala Xadaynta Xukuummada iyo Hay’adaha Madaxa Banaan - Xeer Lr. 71/2015 - pdf copy with the Arrangements of the Articles in both Somali & English added ). The Law came into force on  8 February 2016 Please see the Administrative Law page for more details and comments about this Law.

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Law on the Privileges of Former Presidents, Vice Presidents & Members of Parliament

-Law No. 62/2013 - The Law came into force on its signature by President  on 28 September 2013.


Law on the Settlement of Salaries & Emoluments of the President, Vice-President and the Members of the Houses of Parliament   - Law No. 46/2010. Xeerka Xadeynta Mushahaarooyinka iyo Gunooyinka Golayaasha Xeerdejinta (Guurtida iyo Wakiilda) - Xeer Lr. 46/2010 [Scanned signed copy - large pdf file]   [File copy - smaller pdf file].


Privileges of Office of the Houses of Parliament - Law No. 3/98.  Xeer-Maamuska Xilgudashada Golayaasha Baarlamaanka - Xeer Lr. 3/89




Draft Organisation of the Government Bill (currently - June 2015 - at the HoR).

Somaliland Council of Ministries (Cabinet) Rules of Procedure  (May 2015)- Presidential Decree 0497/052015 . [For historical purposes, see also: Somali Republic 1967 Council of Ministers Rules of Procedure: Premier Egal’s Cabinet and the first post military coup Council of Secretaries Rules 1970., which followed closely the 1967 Rules]

Ministry of Interior Structure Law


Ministry of Justice Structure Law - Law No. 81/96. Xeerka Dhismaha Wasaarada Caddaalada - Xeer lr. 81/96. This Law has to be read with Art. 106 of the Constitution and with the Organisation of the Judiciary Law.



Law on the Office of the Auditor General of the State - Law No. 5/98. Xeerka Hay’adda Hanti-Dhawrka Guud ee Qaranka - Xeer Lr. 5/98 [Scanned copy - large pdf file] . In case you have difficulty downloading this large file, here is the file broken up into 4 smaller files - Part 1... Part 2...Part 3 .. Part 4.   


Structure of the office of the Attorney General of the State - Presidential Decree No. 2 of 16 August 1997.  Dhismaha Xafiiska Xeer-Ilaaliyaha Guud ee Qaranka - Xeer Madaxweyne Lr. 2 ee 16 Ogosto 1997. This Decree has been amended by the Articles 44 - 46 of the Organisation of the Judiciary Law  Law No. 24/2003


National Demobilization and Re-integration Commission Law - NDRC – Law No. 48/2011. Xeerka Hay’adda Abaabul  ka saarka iyo Jihaynta Qaranka  NDRC - Xeer Lr. 48/2011


National Environment Research & Disaster Preparedness (NERAD) - Law No. 35/2007 - Hay’adda Cilmi Baadhista Deegaanka & Udiyaar-growga Aafooyinka


Somaliland National Intelligence Agency (NIA) Law No. 59/2012 has been signed by the President on 09/01/2013: Xeerka Hy’adda Sirdoonka Qaranka

Establishment of the Commission on Good Governance Law - Law No. 58/2012 - Xeerka Aasaaska Komishanka Maaul-wanaaga

National Commission on HIV/AIDs Control Law - Law No. 67/2014 - Xeerka Kommishanka Qaranka ee Xakamaynta HIV/AIDS

Quality Control Commission Law - Law No. 68/2014 - Xeerka Gudida Hay’adda Dhawrista Tayada


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