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Comparative Somali Laws

Comparative Laws of Neighbouring Somali  Speaking Countries

Although The Republic of Somaliland still shares some of the pre 1991 Somali Republic laws with Somalia, the new laws in Somalia (including the Puntland Region) and those of the neighbouring Somali Region of Ethiopia and of the Republic of Djibouti are all of interest to Somaliland lawyers and law students and to the Somaliland business community.  Knowledge of and, where possible, harmonisation of laws are important in all countries that share boundaries and this page is aimed at covering, where available, laws in these Somali speaking countries, and specially those that cover civil, commercial and personal matters.

(Disclaimer:  Efforts have been made to check that these laws are current, but makes no claims about the correctness or otherwise of these laws. This information is provided free for information and educational purposes only)

Somalia (and Puntland Region)  POST 1991 Laws - Selection:

Other than the Transitional National Charter 2004, no electronic copies of post 1991 Somalian Laws are currently available.

The following Laws passed by the Puntland State of Somalia are available at the Parliament’s website:

  • Migration Law
  • Rules of the House of Representatives
  • Defence of Human Rights Law
  • Electoral Commission Law
  • Alcohol and Cannabis Law
  • Pharonic Circumcision Law
  • Referendum on the Constitution Law
  • Constitution of Puntland
  • Pirates Law
  • Private Employees Law
  • Fishing Law

Somali Region (Ethiopia) Laws - Selection:

Family Law: Somali Region Family Law Proclamation 2000 (in Somali)

Criminal Law: Revised Criminal Code 2004

Civil Code:


Djibouti Laws - Selection (in French):


Family Law: Code de Famile

Investment Law: Investment Code (English)

Labour Law: Code du Trauvail











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