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Somaliland Telecommunications & Posts Laws


28 May 2019: Telecommunications Usage Monitoring (Oversight?) Regulations 2019 -  Xeernidaamiyaha La Socodka Dhaqdhaqaaqa Isgaadhsiinta , Xeer Nidaamiye Lr 01/2019 - 07/April/2019

UPDATE:    On 13 June 2011, the House of Elders passed the law, without any amendments, on an overwhelming majority of 75 for, 1 against and none abstaining.  On 5 July 2011, the President signed the law on which is no in force.  A copy of the Law and the President’s Decree (Decree No. 0164/ 072011 dated 05 July 2011) is available here: Xeerka Isgaadhsiinta Somaliland (Xeer Lr. 50/2011) -

The Somaliland House of Representatives previously passed the Law , on 10 April 2011 (with a vote of 34 for, 29 against and 3 abstaining).  A copy of the Law as signed by  the House and previously posted on this page is here:  The Somaliland Telecommunications Law - Law No. 50/2011.

This Law which has been subject of much controversy has been mooted by the government previously on many occasions as far back  as 2004 when a bill to connect the mushrooming private telecommunication companies’ services was consulted upon by the relevant Ministry.  The pre 1991 and outdated legislation (the 1975 Telecommunication Law and the 1979 Telecommunication Regulations) has not been in force in Somaliland.

There has been an evident need for interconnectivity of services and a regulatory regime that does not stunt competition and growth, and the proponents of the Law see it as the foundation of the new  regulatory process. 

The controversy over some of the provisions of the Law can be seen in the following documents:




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