Somaliland Sool Region Courts of Law Re-established



The Somaliland Government confirmed that the courts of the Sool region, which previously operated mainly in parts of the region, such as Ainabo district, are now fully re-established and functioning at LAS ANOD, the seat of the region.


The following judges have been appointed to the courts based at LAS ANOD:


The District Court of Las Anod

Ibraahin Axmed Muuse, Presiding Judge
Xasan Cige Xirsi, Judge
Maxamed Maxamuud Maxamed, Judge
Maxamed Ibraahim Samatar, Judge

The Sool Regional Court at Las Anod

Yuusuf Xasan Cabdi,  Presiding Judge
Maxamuud Cabdi Ibraahim, Judge  
Axmmed Diiye Cilmi, Judge
Cabdiraxmaan Sh. Cumar Xasan, Judge
Cabdiraxmaan Cali Maxamed, Judge
Axmed Saleebaan Geele, Judge

The Sool Region Appeal Court
Saleebaan Jaamac Ciise, Presiding judge
Cabdixakiin Cabdi Faarax,  Judge

Cabdinaasir Maxamed Cali, Judge


(All the names are written in Somali script)


For more information of the structure of Somaliland courts of law, see: