1.           FIRST RESOLUTION:



Resolution 3/1/2000 of the 16th Session of the Somaliland House of Elders

(GG/JSL/Kal-fadhi 16/Go'aan-3/1/2002)


The House of Elders (Guurti) of the Republic of Somaliland passed a resolution on 12th January 2002 which, among other things, increased the term of office of the President and the Vice-President of the republic by one year to the 23rd February 2003.  The full Somali language version of the Resolution is set out below.  


The House started an extra-ordinary sitting on 22/12/2001.  As set out in the preamble to the Resolution, the House debated the current political situation in the country for three days when 54 of the members gave their views.  The main issue which the House discussed was the fact that the term of office of the President and the Vice-President  and that of the House of Representatives was about to expire in early 2002, and that the planned local councils’ elections and the presidential elections were unlikely to be held by then.  The House decided in their lengthy sitting to appoint a Committee which can study the issues further and, having consulted with “various agencies and intellectuals”, to report back to the House. 


The Committee consisted of 19 members of the House, and, according to the preamble of the Resolution, the Committee met many persons/agencies and political associations, but, according to the preamble of the Resolution, the Committee also invited  SAHAN and ASAD (then, an alliance of a number of unregistered associations) to meet them on 7 & 8/1/2002, but this “was not possible because of reasons advanced by them”.  In all these meetings, advice was tendered and “an understanding was reached that the maintenance of peace, compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and other laws, and the guarding of the peace, public interest and stability is sacred”, so  states the Resolution.


Having heard the Committee’s report and having considered and valued the advice given by the agencies and associations and the  written submissions of the Somaliland Forum, the House concluded the following:

1.     Whilst not overlooking its own role, “it is satisfied that the legislative branch (the Parliament) has been slow in completing the laws which would have facilitated and formed the basis of the implementation of the electoral process”.

2.     It is convinced that political machinations “which are contrary to the Constitution and the laws of the land have been set in motion at a time when all efforts ought to be expended on the realisation of elections based on a system of political parties and that these acts would affect greatly the peace, stability and security of the country.”  These acts are still taking place and should be combated for the sake of unity and peace.

3.     There appeared to be direct and indirect interference in the unity and existence of the Republic of Somaliland.

4.     It accepted that it is necessary to resolve the issue of the Government running out of its term of office and that the only way Constitutional way to do so is for the House to authorise an extension of the term.

5.     It noted the provisions of Article 83(5) of the Constitution which state as follows:

If on the expiry of the term of office of the President and the Vice-President, it is not possible, because of security considerations, to hold the election of the President and the Vice-President, the House of Elders shall extend their term of office whilst taking into consideration the period in which the problems can be overcome and the election can be held.”


The House then reached the following resolution on a vote of 72 members for, and only one against the resolution. With the Speaker not casting a vote, the total members present were 74. The House consists of 82 members, and of the absent 8 members, it is recorded in the Resolution that 4 were absent for serious illness, 3 for other “known” reasons and 1 for no known reason.


The main part of the resolution (part I) which has attracted considerable publicity (and criticism) was that the term of office of the President (and the Vice-President) which was due to expire on 23/2/2002 shall be increased for one year and shall now expire on 24/2/2003.


Part II of the Resolution, which has received less publicity states that to enable the nation to utilise properly the period of extension of term office of the President/Vice-President, and to complete all the arrangements for the elections, the following steps should be implemented by the agencies concerned:

1.     The Government  (headed by the President) is requested and expected to:

a)     ensure the security of the land, both internally and externally and to combat in accordance with the Constitution, the Public Order Law and other laws of the land anything that would bring terrorism and lack of security;

b)     complete the arrangements for the elections, which fall with the responsibility of the Government;

c)      create a good political atmosphere which is conducive to the conduct of free and fair elections;

d)     settle the issue of the appointment of the Chairman of the Supreme Court who is also the Chairman of the Constitutional Court;

e)     ensure that the registered political associations/parties have equal access to the national media and other sources of help in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the land.

2.    The Parliament

a)     It is incumbent on the Parliament that it should fulfil its Constitutional duties, and should, in particular, finalise the legislation relating to the elections before the end of this 16th Session.

b)     Parliament should pass a limited amendment to Law No: 14 relating to the registration and approval of political parties so that the process of registration of political parties be re-opened for period not exceeding two weeks.

c)      Parliament should also follow its rules of procedure, the Constitution and other laws so as to avoid another delay in the holding of the elections.

d)     Members of Parliament must not take any steps which are directly  or indirectly contrary to the Constitution and the laws of the land.

e)     Parliament, and specially the House of Elders, should participate in the process of educating about and preparing the public for the new system of political parties and the need to strengthen peace and security.

3.      The Registration & Approval of Political Parties Committee and the Elections Commission:

The Committee and the Commission should fulfil their duties in accordance with their respective laws (Law No:14, and Law No: 20).

4.    The Political Parties

a)        They should complete the legal processes relating to their organisations so that they  can operate as legal entities.

b)        They should prepare themselves fully for participation in the forthcoming free elections.

c)         They should organise themselves and act in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the land.

d)        They should contribute to the maintenance of peace and order in the land.


Part III of the Resolution sets up a sub-committee of the House which is given the brief to take forward the recommendations made in the Resolution and to report back to the House about political, economic, social and security issues relating to this matter.


The Resolution ends with the following call to the public and the media:

a)       The public (including Somalilanders living abroad) ought to avoid anything that can affect the peace and order and should support the new political parties system whilst working together and protecting the sovereignty of Somaliland. The country is going through a period of transition and is adopting a system which few has experienced before.

b)       The media fulfils an important function which if not carried out properly could lead to serious problems. But, if carried out responsibly, the media’s role can educate the public. Spreading falsehoods and exaggerated claims damage all of us, and so the media must act reasonably and fairly.


Ibrahim Jama © 2002



Here is the Somali full Text of the Resolution:





12 January, 2002


GG/JSL/Kal-Fadhi 16/Go’aan-3/1/2002


UJEEDO: Go’aanka Korodhsiimaha Muddada Xilka ee Madaxweynaha & ku-xigeenka Madaxweynaha JSL.


Shir-Guddonka Golaha Guurtidda JSL, aya istusay in ay lagama maar-maan tahay oo ay habboonayd in Xubnaha Golaha Guurtidda oo fasax ku maqna loogu yeedho fadhi an caadi ahayn 22/12/2001.


Dhaqanka Guurtidda ayay ahayd markasta oo ay xaaladdo jiraan amba taagan yihiinba su’aallo mudan jawaabtooda marxalligga, taasi ayana keentay in laga soo horaysiiyo fadhigani /Kal-Fdhigii caadiga aha waqtigiisa.


Sidaasi darteedna, Goluhu wuxu ku furmay, Ajandihiisana lagu ansixiyay fadhi an caadi ahayn, hase ahaate Guda-galkii Ajanduhu wuxu la kowsaday bilowgii Kal-Fadhigii 16aad ee Golaha.


Ajandaha oo ku saabsana marxaladdani & qiimaynteeda, wuxu Goluhu ka yeeshay dood socotay seddex maalmood, kana hadleen 54 Mudane. Dood & falan-qayn ka dib, wuxu Goluhu isku raacay in loo saaro Guddi soo ururisa macluumaadka la xidhiidha marxaladdani & Ajandaheeda, la-tashiyana la yeellata Hay’addo kala duwan & wax—garadkaba, ka dibna Golaha ku soo celisa tallo urursan.


Guddiggani oo ka koobnayd 19 Xubnood, Xoghayaha Guud, & La-talliyaha sharciga ee Golaha, laguna ogolaaday cod aqlabiyada, waxay ay hawshoodi u guda-galeen:-


Guddigga oo sammeeystay qorshi jadwal ee hawl-galkooda, waxay kullan koodi ugu horeeyay la yeesheen 3/1/2002, Shir-Guddoonka Golaha Wakiilada.


5/1/2002, waxay iyana lala kullmay Guddigga diiwaan-gelinta & ansixinta Axsaabta & Akadeemiyada Horumarinta Nabada.


6/1/2002, waxay iyana ay Guddiggu la kullantay shanta Urur (5 Urur) ee kala ah Ucid, Hormood, Birsoo, Ilays & Ummad.


Sido kale 7/1/2002, waxa lala kullmay Guddiggii Wasiiradda ee Golaha Xukuumaddu u soo igmatay in lagala xidhiidho wixi dhinaca Xukuumadda looga baahdo mucluumaad.


Ugu dambayntii 9/1/2002, waxa u Guddiggu la-kullanaddii ugu dambeeyey la yeeshay Guddigga Doorashooyinka & Ururadda Haweenka.


Intaasi waxa dheera oo ay Guddiggu casuumad u fidisay Uruka Sahan oo ka mida Ururadda is-diwaan-geliyey & Ururka aan is-diwan-gelin ee ASAD, ahaydna in lala kullmo 7 & 8/1/2002, ma ay suurta-gelin sababo dhinacooga ka yimid awgood.


Nuxurka Kulumadaasi oo isugu biyo Shubanayay Dhagaysi, su’aalo & tallo bixin, waxay ku dhammaadeen isfaham, ilaalinta nabadgelyada, ilaalinta ku dhaqanka Dastuurka & shuruucda kale, Deganaashaha & danta guud oo muqadas ah.


Golahan oo u taagnaa danta guud een soo sheeganay ama soo tilmaanay wayo arragnimana u leh xaaladaha caadiga ah & kuwa aan caadiga ahayn xalintooda, isla markaasina uu Dastuurku awood u siiyey ka hortaga mudo dhaaf dhinaca sharciyada ah, aya hadana fursad ahaan suuro-geliyey kullamadaasi, si loo talo badsado, looguna go’aan qaato wixii lagama maar-maan ah ee xal u ah marxaladani taagan.


Guddiggu la-tashi & xog-waraysiyo ka dib, wuxu kullamo ka yeeshay arrintani & qiimaynta xaalada guud ee Dalku maanta ku sugan yahay, wuxuna iska waydiiyey su’aaslo badan oo dhinacayo badan wax laga eegayay, mid gud & mid gaar ahba.Tan gaar ahaaneed, sharciyan ka sokow dareenka guud ee shacbiga ayaa lahaa qiimayntiisa.


Haddaba Guluhu, isaga oon iska saarin guud ahaan, wuxu isku qanciyay in waaxdi-xeer-dejinta ee Baarlamaanku ka gaabisay dhamaystirka shuruucdii lagu socodsiin lahaa, saldhigna u ahayd hirgelinta Doorashooyinka.


Arrintaasi ka sokow, Guluhu wuxu yiqiinsaday in la aloosay xiisadao Siyaasadeed oo ka dhan ah Dastuurka & shuruucda Dalka, kuwaasi oo saamayn weyn ku yeeshay xasiloonidda, Ammniga & Degnaashaha Dalka, soona ifbaxay, laguna beegay xilliggii loo qalab-qaadan laha dhaqan-gelinta Doorashooyinka ku salaysan niddaamka Axsaabta.


Ka soo horjeedka niddaamkaasi Dastuuriga ah & dhaaq-dhaqaaqiisu, waxa u yahay mid ila maanta socda oo lagu hawlan yahay, una baahan taxadirkiisa dhinaca nabada & midnimadba.


Waxa kale oo aynaan mooganayn, xusidna mudan Duruufo guud & kuwa Gobolleedba oo inagu gadaaman lehna mid Siyaasadeed, Dhaqaale, Nabadgelyo & Bulshaba, kana muuqato faro galin dadban & mid toosaba laguna kala daadinayo, halisna ku ah midnimada & jiritaanka Jamhuuriyada Somaliland.


Haddaba Goluhu, markuu qiimeeyay dhamaanba arrimaha aan kor ku soo sheegnay & kuwa kale oo jiraba, tix-geliyeyna tallooyinkii & Aaraddi ay soo jeediyeen hay’addihii & Ururadii lala kullmay oo ay ka mid ahaayeen in Ururadu helaan waqti ku filan diyaar garowgooda dhinaca Doorashooyinka, isla-markaasina ay akhristeen tallooyinkii ay qoraalka ku soo bixiyeen S/Land Forum.


Dhinaca kalana, Golaha Guurtiddu markuu garwaaqsaday baahida loo qabo ka hortaga muddo dhaaf Dastuuriya oo ku yimaada Ummada & Dalkaba, kaasi oo kororsiimada Guurtidda mooyee, aanay jirin wado kale oo Dastuuriyan inoo furan.


Sidaasi darteedna, Goluhu markuu arkay Qoddobka 83aad, Xubintiisa 5aad oo u dhigan sidan:-

“Haddii ay suutoobi waydo duruufo la xidhiidha Nabadgelyada darteed in la qabto Doorashada Madaxweyhana & ku-xigeenka madaxweynaha marka muddadii xilkoodu dhammaato, waxa Golaha Guurtidda waajib ku ah in ay muddada xilka u kordhiyaan Madaxweynaha & Ku-Xigeenka Madaxweynaha, iyaga oo tix-gelinaya muddada dhibaatada lagaga gudbi karo, Doorashana ku qabsoomi karto”.


Sidaasi awgeedna,, Goluhu wuxu go’aamiyey Qoddobaddani hoos ku qoran, oo u ku ogolaaday cod dhan 72 Xubnood halka u ka diiday hal (1) Mudane Guddoomiyaha Goluhuna anu coddayn, iyado tirada xubnaha ee fadhiguna dhamayeen 74 Mudane.


(I)               Muddada kordhsiimada ee Madaxweynaha & ku-xigeenka,        Madaxweynaha & ku-xigeenka Madaxweynaha muddada xilkooda Distooriga ahi ku egyahay 23/2/2002, waxa  loo kordhiyay muddo dhan Hal sano (one year) oo ka bilaabmaysa 24/2/2002, kuna eg 24/2/2003.


(II)           Hawlaha la qabanayo muddadaasi

Si looga faa’iddaysto muddadu, kordhsiimadda, wax kasta oo qabyo ah, lana xidhiidha arrimaha Doorashooyinka,   hirgelintooda & meel-marintooda loo dhammaystiro, waxa la fullin-doona, lana qaban-doona hawlahani, oo ku kala aadan hay’addani hoos ku qoran, wana sidani.



Waxa la waydiisanaya, laguna adkaynaya.

b) Sugidda Amniga Gudaha, Dibadda & ka hortaga wax kasta oo u Muuqda Argagaxiso keeni karana Amni daro waxna u dhimi kara xasiloonida, si waafaqsan Dastoorka, Xeerka nabagelyada guud & xeerarka kale ee Dalka u yaala.

t)      Dhammaystirka hawlaha la xidhiidha Doorashooyinka, wixi  dhiman ee dhinacooga ah.

j)       Abbuurid jawi wanaagsan oo suurta-geliya in ay qabsoomaan tartan  Doorashooyin oo caddalad ku dhisan.

x)     In la de-dejiyo magacaabista Guddoomiyaha Maxdammadda sare, Noqonayana Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda Distooriga ah.

Kh) In Ururradda sharciyeysani u sinaadaan isticmaalka warbaahinta            Qaranka & adeegyada kale ee loo baahan karo, si waafaqsan Dastuurka & xeerarka kale ee Dalka.


2.  Baarlamaanke.


(b)  Waxa waajib ku ah in si hagar la’aana ay u gutaal xilkooda           Dastuuriga ah, gaar ahana inay dhammaystiraan Xeerarka Doorashooyinka la xidhiidha ka hor dhammaadka kal-fadhigan 16aad ee hadda socda.

(t)  Baarlamaanku waxay wax ka beddel kooban ku sammayn-doon aan xeerka lamber 14 ee diwaan-gelinta & Ansixinta Axsaabta. Muddada diwaan-gelinta loo furayoo ciddii ka faa’iidaysanaysa waxa ay ahaan-doonta muddo aan ka badnayn laba Toddobaad.

(j)  Waxa kale oo waajib ku ah in ay xil-gudashadooda ku saleeyaan Xeer-hoosaadkooda, Dastuurka & shuruucda kale ee Dalk, si aanay u dhicin mar kale dib u dhac ku yimaada hab-sami u dhaqan-gelinta Doorashooyink.

(x)  Xubnaha Baarlamaanka waxa ka reeban, si toos ah & si  dadbanba inay ku tallaabsadaan wax lid ku ah Dastuurka &  shuruucda Dalka.

(Kh)  Guud ahaanba Baarlamaank, gar ahana Golaha Guurtiddu in ay qayb ka qaataan wacyi-gelinta & u bislaynta Bulshadda nidaanka cusub ee Axsaabta & xoojinta Nabadgelyadda.


3Guddigga Diwaan-gelinta & Ansixinta Axsaabta & Komishanka


(b)  labadaas Guddi, waxa waajib ku ah inay hawlahooda u gutaan oo keliya si waafaqsan Xeerarka kala ah Xeer lambar No/14  & Xeer 20 00 ay u kala leeyihiin sida ay qoraalka ugu kala horeeyaan.


4.  Ururradda Siyaasiga ah.

(b) Dhammaystirka sharciyaddooda Ururnimo si ay u yeeshaan shaq-siyad qaanuuni ah.

(t)  Si buuxda isugu abaabulaan tartanka Doorashooyinka xorta ah.

(j)  Isu-abaabulaan, una dhaq-dhaqaan si waafaqsan Dartuurka & xeerka Dalka.

(x)  Gacan ka gaystaan ilaalinta Nabadgelyadda & nimaadka u yaala Dalka.


(III)  Magacaabis Guddi Dabagal & Kor meer ee hawshaasi.


Golahani Guurtiddu wuxu iska dhex-magacaabi-doona Guddi la socota dhammaystirka hawlaha an soo tilmaanay.  Sidoo kalena xaalaadka guud ee Dalka sida Nabadgelyadda, Siyaasadda, Dhaqaalaha & Bulashaba, iyago siin-doona Golahani war-bixino ku saabsan arrimahaasi.


 Ugu dambayntii Golahani Guurtidu waxa uu baaq u soo jeediayay:-


 (b)  Muwadiniinta Gudo & Dibedba 

Waxa lagu boorrinaya iyado ay jirto marxaladdo kala digo rogosho labo nidaam Bulsho, isla-markaasina aynaan ulahayn waayo aragnimo buuran, waxa inagu waajib ah foojig-naan dhinac nabagelyada  ah, lagana taxa-daro wax-kasta oo wax-yeeli kara  deganaanshaha lagana gacan-gaysto wax kasto oo saacidaya nidaamkan cusub ee Asxaabta, iyado lagu shaqaynayo isku duubni & difaaca jirtaan-ka Qaranimada Somaliland.


 (t)  Warbaahinta.

Warbaahintu waa masuuliyad balaadhan oo dhinacyo badan leh, Hadii sideeda loo gudan/waayana keeni kara khataro badan, hadii si fiican looga faa’idaysto waxay Bulshadda u noqon kartaa  Macallin.

Sidaasi darteed, hawshani waxay u baahan tahay mas`uuliyad (Responsibility), Amaano & Waddaniyad.

Haddaanu soo qaadano Amaanadda, waxa macnaheedu yahay, in aan  la baahin waxyaabo aan jirin amba an dhicinba.

 Dhinaca Mas`uuliyada & Wadaninimada waxan ula jeedna Buunbuuninta waxyaabo yar-yar oo aanay inoogu  jirin wax Faa`iddo ahi, khasaaraha ka dhashana u ina wada gaadhayo.

Sidaasi awgeedna, waxaan u soo jeedinaynaa Warbaahinta inay u  dhaqmaan si looga bad-baado middida labada afleh, taasi waxa ay ku iman kartaa in la socdo meel dhexe oo caqli gal ah.





Saxeexa Xubnaha Shir-Guddoonka Golaha Guurtidda JSL.


1.  Mud.Sh.Ibraahim Sh. Yuusuf  Guddoomiye

2.     Sh.Axmed Sh.Nuux Fure Gud/Ku-xig 1aad

3.  Siciid Jaamac Cali  Gud/Ku-xig 2aad

4.  C/laahi Ibraahim Habane  Xoghayaha Guud ee G/Guurtida JSL.




N:B waxa ku lifaaqan liisdadii Xubnihii Golaha JSL.


Xubnaha u Codeeyay muddo kordhinta 12/1/2002, joogayna fadhiga waxa ay tiradoodu ahayd 74 mudane waana sidani magacyadoodi.



1.       Sh.Ibraahim Sh.Yuusuf Sh.Madar

2.       Sh.Axmed Sh.Nuux Fure

3.       Siciid Jaamac Cali

4.       Sh.C/laahi Sh.Cali Jawhar

5.       Maxamed Yuusuf Cabdi

6.       X.Cabdi Xuseen Yuusuf

7.       Suldaan C/raxmaan Sh.Mux`ed

8.       Sh.Muuse Jaamac Goodaad

9.       Xuseen Madar Xoosh

  1. Muxumed Aw Axmecd X.Adan
  2. Maxamed Gaaxnuug Jaamac
  3. Cali Aadan Qalinle
  4. Haybe Xuseen Fure
  5. Maxamed Ciise Faarax
  6. Axmed Jaamac Faarax
  7. Maxamed Xuseen Huruuse
  8. Maxamed Cismaan Libaaxo
  9. Cawil Xuseen Axmed
  10. Faarax Axmed Diiriye
  11. Xuseen Cali Jaamac
  12. Yuusuf Sh.Axmed Nuur
  13. Cumar Faarax Budeeye
  14. Xuseen Sahal Ciise
  15. Caydiid Cabdi Maxamed
  16. Cawil Cismaan Maxamuud
  17. Maxamed Jaamac Abokor
  18. Cabdi C/laahi Xasan
  19. Xasan Axmed Faarax
  20. C/raxmaan Cismaan Jaamac
  21. Maxamuud Xareed Rooble
  22. Nuur Riyaale Khayre
  23. Maxamed Maxamuud Diiriye
  24. Xaashi X.Cabdi Shiil
  25. Maxamed Maxamuud Yaasiin
  26. C/raxmaan Qowdhan Muxumed
  27. C/laahi Ibraahim Xirsi
  28. Maxamed Hirad Shirtag
  29. Saleebaan Cabdi Garas
  30. Maxame Cabdi Shide
  31. Maxamed Warsame Cali
  32. Maxamed Siciid Dhiif
  33. Ibraahim Ciise Buux
  34. Cali X.Cabdi Ducaale
  35. Cawil C/laahi Caydiid
  36. Maxamed C/laahi Qaalib
  37. Axmed Aw Cali Aadan
  38. Sh.C/raxmaan Maxamed Muuse
  39. Axmed Waabari Maydhane
  40. Maxamuud Xirsi Faarax
  41. C/raxmaan Axmed Aareeye
  42. Diini C/laahi Hande
  43. Quule Cabdi Qaasaali
  44. C/qaadi Xuseen Mire
  45. Ismaacil Maxamed Cabdi
  46. Axmed Muuse Obsiiye
  47. Farxaan Ciise Ubaxle
  48. Maxamed Ibaraahim Cigaal
  49. Cumar Nuur Xasan
  50. Ibraahim Aw Nuur Jiciir
  51. Maxamed Diiriye Farax
  52. C/raxmaan Cismaan Xasan
  53. Maxamed Ducaale Qurux
  54. C/nuur Maxamed Muuse
  55. Yuusuf C/laahi Cawaale
  56. Cali Cumar Axmed
  57. Axmed Xasan Saalax
  58. C/rashiid X.C/laahi Aadan
  59. Cabdi Salaan Maxamed Siciid
  60. Siciid Maxamed Axmed
  61. C/laahi Sh.Xasan Cismaan
  62. Sh.Cumar Sh.Axmed Fure
  63. Sh.Khaliif Sh.Xasan Gudaal
  64. Siciid C/laahi Yasir
  65. C/qaadir Maxamed Xasan.


  1. Sabab la’aan ku maqnaa.


  1.     Cali Yuusuf Cali



  1. Sababo la ogyahay ku maqnaa.


  1.      Aadan Shire Faarax
  2.      Axmed Daahir Jirde
  3.      Axmed Cali Jaamac


  1.  bukaan jiif.


  1.      Suldaan Muxumed Nuur Geele
  2.      Axmed Shire Xuseen
  3.      Nuur Sugaal Geele
  4.      Cisman Cabdi Faarax